The Home Of Skip & Allister
Me and MY baby Whats up world, its a crazy one, so we have to stay
crazy to stay in it.
My name is Skip I'm curently living in Nashville,
TN. I really dig it here its very cool. I'm 25
an I really love music I live it, work it an play
And Allister is 5 (He's my dog) and he is with me
everywhere I go. He is a black chowchow a great
bodyguard. He is over protective of me, I raised him
from a bottle. My big baby. Have fun with the site's below..

I went to school in a town called Mt. Juliet.
And made my way through high school, at Mt. Juliet
High. It was very country living. I lived in the
woods, deep in the woods, in a big ass house. My
dad owned 55 acre's an 1 home. I did nothing but
go to school an ride my dirt bike. And lots of
room to raise hell. That I did do. I left home
when I was 17 like a dum ass an was in and out
of bands until I came across Battle Ground. I am now touring and Singin
my ass off. I will see you real soon. Smoke one
for me until.

My Life
BATTLE GROUND This is my band. I am the lead vocalist. The band
was formed in 1991 out of Nashville. We went on
playing shows for about 6 years until Atlantic
records found us, and signed us shortly after that.
Soon there will be a web page you can visit, an you
can find out and here all about Battle Ground. It
is in the Heavy Metal list but you can understand
the words, unlike some bands now days. From
Battle Ground, all 5 members want to say hope to
see you real soon.


Sebastian Bach
Bring em Bach Alive


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